Fully trustless Tokenized digital land ownership of Earth on the Ethereum Blockchain

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The World, Tokenized

Non-fungible Tokenized land areas backed via fully trustless Smart Contracts. Enabling full rights to create experiences on it. Secured by the Ethereum Blockchain.

ArWrld App : Ethereum

BULVRD App : Ethereum

Ethereum Blockchain


For each LAND, only the owner can create digital epxeriences within its bounds. Enabling personalized digital customizations on earth itself.


Use land in supported dApps, buy land for future uses or for future value increases based on demand, or rent it out to someone else to use. Building a location or mapping based dApp? Reach out to learn how to get involved.


Using the ERC-721 token smart contract standard on the Ethereum Blockchain, each LAND is fully transferable. Buy, sell, rent, hodl.

DAO Managed

0xEarth is openly managed via an Aragon DAO. Anyone who owns at least 10 LAND can apply to join. Membership means direct voting rights for updates or changes to 0xEarth.

Transparent Distributions

Any dApp that has 0xEarth integrations validated by the 0xEarth DAO qualify for distributions from LAND sales.

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